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All repairs are guaranteed for 60 days from delivery. The warranty protects you against any breakage of the repaired area

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How we got started

EyewearUs.com started in 2005 as a new department of our retail designer eyeglasses and sunglasses business. Quickly we realized that our customers not only shop for new prescription lenses and new frames, they also ask us the popular question "Can this be fixed?". Tired of telling customers NO, we decided to explore the idea of repair rather then replacement. In late 2007 we remodeled the second floor of our office and hired the staff that today runs our laboratory. Our two lab technicians have combined over 17 years of expert experience in the field of optometry, eyewear repair and eyewear sales.

Our Mission

A company is only as good as the promises is makes. EyewearUs.com makes the following promise.

We will do everything possible to repair your broken glasses to save you from having to buy a brand new frame and the possible extra expense of new lenses."

We are tired of watching countless people damage their much loved glasses and be forced to spend hundreds on replacing them. Our goal is to fix as many glasses as possible and bring them back to life. It's always a pleasure to hear a customer give a Testimonial and say that his local optical store told him that he needed to replace his frame because it was impossible to fix.



Our Warranty

When we decided to set in motion, our direct to the public service, we asked our clients what they were looking for. Our customers responded that they wanted to be assured that their eyewear would be repaired by a professional company who they can trust will make their item look phenomenal. They also wanted to be assured that they will be able to know that the company stands behind their work. Our repair lab has fixed over 90% of all broken frames eyewear that is sent to us. We perform all types of repairs such as Plastic Repair, Metal Repair and Lens Replacements No matter what job that was done we are still about to offer you, our customer a 60 day warranty on your eyewear repair. The warranty will protect you against any breakage happening at the same spot that we repaired.