Estimated Pricing for Eyewear Repairs

Sunglasses Lens Replacement
Prices Start at only

  • Lenses are replaced in sets of two.
  • Lenses are replaced in all eyewear brands
  • Polarized Lenses (Add Approx +$15.00)
  • Photo Chromatic (Add Approx $20.00)
  • Mirror (Add Approx $15.00)
  • Gradient/Solid Tint (Add Approx $10.00)
  • Original OEM lenses will be used when available
  • Your Rx can be copied from your glasses

Scratch Removal
Prices Start at only

  • Scratches can be buffed and polished if the scratch is not that deep
  • The process gets rid of scratched and crazed coating on the surface
  • We can buff scratches out of Rx lenses
  • We buff scratches with 3000-grit sandpaper Microfiber towel and Polishing and a proprietary Rubbing Compoound
  • AR lens with scratches can be fixed

Hinge Problems
Prices Start at only

  • Standard or Spring hindges can be repaired or replaced
  • We replace hinges on all brands of eyewear
  • We fix Plastic or Metalic hindges
  • Spring Hinges (Add Approx +$15.00)
  • Titanium Hinges can be micro spot welded
  • Plastic Hinges can be weldeded
  • We will replace with original OEM hinges when available

Nose Bridge Problems
Prices Start at only

  • Cracked or Missing Nose Briges can be repaired or replaced
  • Nose Bridges are available for all brands
  • Plastic or metalic nose bridges are available
  • Titanium (Add Approx +$10.00)
  • Silver & Gold Plate (Add Approx +$15.00)

Temple Repairs
Prices Start at only

  • Temples are replaced in sets of two
  • All brands of Temples are available
  • We'll match the temples to the original.
  • We do plastic or metal temple welds
  • We will replace with the original OEM temples when available

Nose Pads
Prices Start at only

  • Cracked or missing pads are replaced.
  • Screw on or silicon nose pads are available for all brands of eyewear
  • We can replace all types of nose pads in all shapes and sizes
  • We'll replace with OEM pads when available

Other Repairs Pads
Price will be estimated upont receipt of item

  • Lens Alignment, Cementing and Bonding of Lenses
  • Plastic Frame Heating
  • Temple Extensions
  • Gold Plating
  • Diamond Insert Stone for Lens. (You must provide the stone)
  • Frame Detailing and Refurbishment
  • Metalic & Plastic Frame Refurbishment
  • Custom Clip Creation and Installation
  • Eye Wire Repairs