Nosepad Repairs on eyewear

Screw In or Screw On

Screw in nose pads are mounted on an eyeglasses frame by using a tiny nose pad screw. When it's possible we will use the same type of screw that came with your frames from the manufacturer. Since there are many simular types, we will do our best to match perfectly if one can not be gotten from them Two screws that may look simular will very easily differ due to the types of threading or diameter. Our experts are knowledgeable to make certain that they do not break the thread and destroy the foundation.

Snap In , Push On or Slide In

Snap In , Push On or Slide In eyewear nose pads and eyeglasses nose pieces are definatley the most easiest to work with. They are a slight finger press away from keeping the nosepad in place. Once again these little items differ in size and its best to use only the one provided by the manufacturer for a perfect fit and stable nose pad placement. THe frame mount is very important because it will hold that specific pin and control the nosepad movement of the nose pad mounting arm.

Stick In or Stick On

The stick on nosepad is different from the rest because it does not require any kind of frame mounting hardware. It simply uses an adhesive. Adhesive nosepads peel off from a waxy material and they may be applied to most surfaces on any eyeglass frame. Adhesive nosepads for glasses and eyeglasses are normally available in a foam material and silicone.

Symmetrical Nose Pad
D-Shaped Nose Pads
Round and Button Shaped Nose Pads
Nose pad screws

Replacement nosepad screws for sunglasses and eyeglasses are one of the most common repair jobs that we provide. We use stainless steel or titanium nose pad screws directly from the manufacturer .

Designer eyeglasses and sunglasses frames are normally made of titanium or a titanium alloy. We will match the exact screw for your nose pad as they come in mainly two colors which are silver and gold.

Our experts understand that the main specifications of a nosepad screw is the threading and head. While length is also a key factor , any screw can be micro cut to size.

To the common layman it is very difficult to visually assertain the difference between one nosepad screw threading and the threading used on another nose pad screw. This is why its very important to have a trained professional do the work for you.

Nosepads get degraded with time and need to be changed.
We can replace all types of nosepads.
We service primary four mountings foundations.
We fix screw-in, push-in, and slide-in nose pad mountings.
Broken nose pads or missing nose pads are always fixable
Our experts can resolve this repair 100% of the time